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Robbed and restored

A few years ago our house was broken into and every computer we had was stolen. When I say every, I mean every. My laptop, my husband’s laptop, my sister’s laptop (she was staying with us), and my husband’s desktop. These guys walked away with four Apple computers. They cashed in big time. I remember the feeling I had when I first found out. I also remember the feeling I had when I came home and saw all the spaces that were invaded by thieves. I felt shocked and violated.

Lately, I’ve been thinking about how terrible it is to have anything robbed from you. Life just happens sometimes. Unexpected situations arise and, whether we want to or not, we have to roll with the punches. We can be robbed in health, finances, relationships, joy, peace, confidence, security. It can be anything.

Here’s the thing. I sincerely believe that God restores those things in our lives that we feel were stolen from us. When we submitted the insurance claim for our computers, we didn’t get replicas of what we lost. We were able to buy brand new ones. Although we could never get the photos, music, or documents back from our old computers, the new ones were better on every level.

This past summer I stayed in a 100 year old home that had been fully restored. I had never fully appreciated restored homes until after staying there. The work was impeccable. It took four full years to finish and it was stunning.


For 30 years the house sat, empty, unoccupied, falling apart. It became the haunted house where teenagers went for a good scare. A wealthy, retired architect who specialized in restoration bought it and it became his pet project.


He didn’t just restore it to its original glory. He updated the plumbing, electrical, created a basement, added solar panels. The kitchen was not a replica of a 100 year old kitchen; it was fully equipped with the newest and nicest appliances. Everything that could be repaired and saved was, but then more was added to it.


This built in cupboard was original to the house; it was massive and beautiful. Below is the lock to a pocket door that had to be 10 feet tall and 5 feet wide.


I think I was so impressed with everything because it had been so decrepit and run down. The architect saw the gold not the dirt. He had hope for what had become the haunted house in town. After all the structural work was done, he hired a designer who decorated the place with plants, lamps, artwork, and furniture from the period the house was built.





One of the most fascinating things to me was the fact that almost all the rocking chairs and beds were original to the house and had been left there the entire 100 years. He sent them away to professionals and had them restored.


When God restores, He does the same thing that this architect did. He returns things to their original state and then makes them even better than they were before. Restoration in the most pure sense of the word means 20% added to the original that was lost. Whatever areas in life seem to have been robbed from us – God wants to and will restore!


I will restore to you the years
    that the swarming locust has eaten.

Joel 2:25