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Bringing Autumn indoors

I gathered a small collection of fall on a walk with the kids and this inspired my mother-in-law to bring a lot more fall in!

Beauty from ashes. Fall decor from weeds. I went on a mini hike with my mother-in-law who spent the entire time collecting tree branches and other dead weeds.

Within 24 hours we, mostly she, placed the dried plants in different containers I had. Suddenly, my house looked like fall and was decorated for Thanksgiving.

Thanks, Cindy Best for helping me see beauty in the ashes, treasure in trash, gold in dirt.

Happy fall, ya’ll … If you haven’t already started decorating for Christmas that is …

This little set up is in the corner of the living room on top of a bookshelf.
Idea 1 – use the globe that still has the U.S.S.R. labeled that my husband dearly loves.
Idea 2: Use the $2 painting I found thrifting and the globe to prop it up. (Idea 2 won this time around!)
This set up sits on top of our kitchen cabinets. Normally, I like to keep that space free, but have warmed up to the idea of having one little section sport some festive decor. I’m on on journey with all of this!