Thrifty and Practical

Thrifting challenge accepted

Thrifting is a new hobby of mine. Josh and I have been working on our budget this past year and made some big cuts in order to pay off our student loan debt super fast (blog post coming soon about this journey). Due to new budget constraints, I began to pop into thrift shops on a regular basis looking to see if they had anything on my “need” or “want” list.

I’ve never spent a lot of money on clothes, accessories, or decorative things, but this area of our budget was slimmed down to almost nothing so it was time to get creative. Rather than looking for one specific item, I would take my allotted spending cash and peruse every section of the store to see what caught my eye. It was a fun challenge to see what I could get with the amount in hand.

With $35 I bought my end of summer/fall wardrobe and got creative. Here are the items I purchased:


I spent most of the fall wearing different variations of these clothes plus a few other items already in my closet.

One top – three ways:

Almost crop top with high waisted jeans.
Long and flowing with leggings or funky prep with sweater.

The best chunky sweater

I probably wore this 2-3 times a week all fall with every variety of top.

The red sweater I’d been searching a year for


Those seven pieces plus a $10 leather jacket and $6 boots comprised most of my outfits this past fall. I mixed and matched to make as many combos as possible.



I spent about $50 and got creative. I’m not a fashion expert by any means, but I do like looking somewhat decent when going out in public and this was the result!