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A spot of Christmas cheer

I’ve never been one to go all out for Christmas decor. With two little ones, most of our decorations are high up where they can’t be reached. While I do love the coziness of twinkle lights and candles, I haven’t ever invested in loads of decorative items. This year, I pulled out from storage what we had and added it to what was already in the house. Here’s the result.

I used some old garland, pinecone ornaments from our collection, and tea lights in tiny mason jars for on top of the cupboards. I added the brass deer were in Edith’s nursery.


Garland, twinkle lights, vases and candle holders. Sweet and simple.
We were given these vintage ornaments from Josh’s grandfather and I’ve always wanted to use them in a unique way. This was my solution.
One day I’ll get around to painting the wall this sits on in chalkboard paint and drawing a calendar, but for now this Santa adds some fun to our kitchen entryway.
Strung some mitts on a lamp and called it good.
Still looking for some branches for the tins, but I used this metal poster that was a gift from ages ago and stuck some tea lights in front of it. Happy Christmas, from Coca Cola 🙂
Added a winter tin to my dresser.
And one more tin to the bathroom.

To add to the coziness, I have 3 albums on repeat. I can’t play Christmas music before December so 3 weeks of nonstop festive tunes works for me!

  1. A Charlie Brown Christmas soundtrack 
  2. A Very She & Him Christmas
  3. Sufjan Stevens, Songs for Christmas 

Happy holidays, friends!