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Inspiration for gray January days

January and February are long, cold months in the Midwest. The past few weeks, I’ve found myself craving beauty, warmth, color, and inspiration. Anyone else feeling the need to create or soak up something beautiful to combat the lull after all the end of year activity? Here’s a collection of some current sources of inspiration. What’s been inspiring you lately to combat the January and February grays?

She Reads Truth

There are so many reasons I love this app, website, Instagram, and products. They’re beautiful, simple, and speak volumes without being overbearing or intense.

Homesong // Mama Watters 

I adore this blog and Instagram photos. Amanda Watters (Mama Watters and creator of Homesong) brings glory and meaning to the everyday moments of life. Her photos inspire, her home exudes warmth, and her thoughts and words encourage.

A Couple Cooks

This dynamic duo inspires me in the kitchen. Their recipes and podcast are amazing. I love the fresh and vibrant approach they have with food. If you’re craving something delicious and wholesome goodness, head on over to A Couple Cooks. I promise you won’t be disappointed.

The Simple Things

I was introduced to this magazine by my mother-in-law. It’s a British publication and I adore it. Full of recipes, unique products, and book reviews, its beautiful design and cozy encouragements are just what the doctor recommends this January. Plus, each volume has a short article called “My Day In Cups of Tea.” How great, and British, is that?!

Oh Happy Day

If you ever need inspiration for party planning or bringing bright and cheery vibes into your life, check this out! Jordan Ferney is all sorts of fun and happy and she shares her creativity with flair!

PoetryMary Oliver, Wendell Berry, The Passion Translation Psalms and Song of Songs

I can’t live without poetry and the beautiful way words can be used. Check any of the above out and you will be inspired! Here’s a snippet of a poem for you:

The snow

began slowly,

a soft and easy


of flakes, then clouds of flakes

in the baskets of the wind

and the branches

of the trees —

(Mary Oliver, “November”)

Vintage china and fresh flowers

I love to browse thrift shops for pretty, vintage fine bone china. Saucers and plates become candle holders, soap dishes, collectors of change, the list could keep going. This sweet, little vase was $1.50 and was too perfect to pass up.
Aldi and Trader Joe’s have $3.99 and $4.99 bouquets. Right after the Christmas decorations came down, I started buying a bouquet a week just to bring some color and freshness indoors to combat the grey, cold Midwest winter outdoors.

Beautiful art currently obsessed with watercolor, especially the Color Watercolor etsy shop

Despite my best efforts at becoming artistic, I’ve never been able to produce anything resembling art. I LOVE and APPRECIATE original art. In warmer weather, I love to browse local shops and ogle the different pieces on display. Etsy fills that gap in my life during the cold months when going out in the cold is the last thing I want to do.

Music – these days, Without Words Synesthesia, hymns, and Dario Marianelli 

Throwing some music on during the day instantly changes the mood and atmosphere of a room. I can’t stop listening to Bethel’s instrumental album, Synesthesia or old hymns with super powerful lyrics. I’ve also been listening to soundtracks by Dario Marianelli. He’s music is beautiful, light, and moving.

Rifle Paper Company 

Can I buy one of everything, please? Rifle Paper Co is by far the one thing I would indulge in if I had endless amounts of money to spend on notebooks, stickers, phone cases, gift tags, paper, etc. It’s all just too beautiful and perfect.