Keep him safe and make him strong

This morning Frederick had his post-op appointment for the surgery he had on his ear. Everything went well and his ear healed perfectly. After, we were in Ada where I grew up so I stopped by the bridge I spent so many days playing as a kid.

The surgery was the first big thing that happened to him that was completely out of my hands – it was his first confrontation with the world that I couldn’t buffer for him. I wish I could keep him safe for the rest of his life. I wish I could stop him from learning things that will shatter his innocence. I wish bad guys would stay in his imagination – that he wouldn’t have to find out about all the real bad buys and unexplainable evil in the world. But I can’t. I can only pray the same thing we’ve prayed since he was born: “make him a mighty man of God who will know you and love you and serve you all the days of his life.”

God entrusted us with him until the day he becomes a man accountable for his own life. Until then, I hope and pray we take care of him, protect him, and raise him up to stand strong and secure in who he is: a man of integrity, courage, boldness, and strength.