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5 Secret Confessions

Half agonizing, half hoping that certain mundane things in life will take care of themselves.

There are certain things I love the result of but not the process of doing. Sometimes I have to bribe myself, trick myself, or challenge myself just to push past my eccentric distaste for doing these basic adult tasks. Please tell me I’m not the only one who would pay someone else to do these things if you had the money to spare!

Making phone calls

If you ever leave me a voicemail, please do not take it personally if I don’t respond. I have the hardest time in the world making phone calls. Calling someone as simple as the doctor’s office or a list of companies for quotes on a project will always drop to the bottom of my to-do list. What usually happens is I wait until the absolute last minute, deadline crunching moment before picking up the phone to call. Can we just have a texting option, please? Kidding! I’m trying to grow in it, but man, that phone just intimidates me for no good reason.

Responding to personal emails

Every time I get a personal email from a good friend living elsewhere, I read it and immediately start thinking of what I’ll say in my response. Then, I leave that email in my (obnoxiously clean and spare) inbox unanswered for sometimes MONTHS on end. It sits there as I go through and respond to bills or other mundane yet essential to clear communication emails. Here’s the thing, I want to sit down and write a thoughtful and meaningful response which takes time, but whenever I have the time I avoid it while still thinking about it and feeling super guilty. Go figure? I’m sure there’s some psychologist out there who can explain this phenomenon to me.

Cleaning toilets (bathrooms in general)

If there is one thing I avoid like the plague it’s cleaning the toilet (and anything else bathroom related). I will leave it until it’s one step away from stuff growing in the toilet. Just being honest. Maybe I should start asking for unlimited bathroom cleanings for Christmas and birthdays. Either way, I love the result of a sparkling clean bathroom, but can’t stand the process it takes to get there. Maybe I need a massive revelation on the ritual of cleaning. Or maybe I just need to train my kids to love cleaning bathrooms…

Blow drying and doing my hair

Friends, since middle school when everyone fell in love with hair products and styling methods, I’ve struggled. I’ve mostly struggled because while I love how my hair looks when I pay attention to it, I’d prefer to do anything but spend more than 2 minutes on my hair in the morning. I’m not sure what this says about me as a person. But since my hair is somewhat curly and quite often frizzy if it’s left unattended to it’s almost always in a ponytail, which we all know is the most fashionable thing since sliced bread. Can I get an amen?

Painting (or any other crafty, do-it-yourself home project) 

Where do I even begin with this one? Let’s just say, I like beautiful rooms and appreciate finished spaces. I’ve definitely been bitten by the HGTV bug and wanted to repaint, repair, and refurbish everything in sight. The thing is, painting, repairing, and refurbishing bring me absolutely no joy until the project is actually finished. This usually leads to me impatiently rushing through the process, so rather than producing something of really good quality, the product is just decent. Do I need to grow in this or just shake it off and embrace the fact I’m not a project person?

Next week’s post: The Top 5 Things I Wish People Paid Me to Do.