10 on 10 Photography Project

April 10 on 10

Cutting it close on this one! Here are April’s 10 on 10 photos. Each of them was taken on my iPhone while we were in the UK. I tried really hard to capture the small and the grand during our recent trip where we visited Bath, South Wales, and Bristol.

We stopped by Oxford for lunch on they from London to Bath. We stumbled into these gorgeous grounds and soaked in the architecture.
Our first morning in Bath was foggy and cold. The hot tea was a perfect way to welcome the day.
Bath Abbey was stunning. No other words needed.
Some of my favorite moments were spent holed up in cafés reading, drawing, and talking. This was a view from our second floor café spot in Bath where we ate lunch and then had cake and coffee for dessert.
Mumbles Pier in Swansea, Wales. It was stunning and the sun came out in all her glory.
My sister, Rose, in her contemplator, hilltop spot in Bristol.
Rose was the best tour guide in Bristol. She knows a ton about local politics and culture because of the journalism program she’s in so she had the inside scoop. Plus, we almost literally ran into the mayor of Bristol while walking down the street and would have never known in had Rose not known who he was.
View of Bristol city.
One thing I learned about the UK: they love ice cream trucks! They’re literally everywhere: top of a mountain in South Wales, on beaches in Swansea, on hilltops in Bristol, on the side of the road in Bath. British people love ice cream even though the weather never seems to grow hotter than 75 degrees Fahrenheit.
I just loved this wall of candles and napkins from a shop called Tiger. It originated in Denmark and is heaven for anyone who loves IKEA and Target but gets overwhelmed by their huge size. It’s tiny but full of treasure.