A Tuesday miracle 

This sweet looking girl is growing more in strength every day. What you don’t see in this photo are the crayons she’s quickly chucking onto the floor or the next 24 hours where she majorly injured herself.

This weekend she pulled a French press of coffee onto herself and burned her leg. We took care of it best we could and when we went to change the bandage discovered one piece that wouldn’t come off. After seeing our pediatrician, we were sent to the burn clinic because it was looking like they would need to remove a layer of the skin with the bandage.

It’s funny. All this happened the weekend of Be Brave, our church’s women’s conference, where I had the honor to share about being brave in vulnerability. Not only did all of this require bravery in Him, it also made me feel so incredibly vulnerable. Today at the burn clinic the bandage just fell off and they said everything was healing amazingly. The doctor said it should be completely healed in three weeks with no scarring.

Thank you Jesus for healing, strength, and courage in everything, especially the moments when we feel most vulnerable.