A Year of Spring

A Year of Spring begins

Productive is my word of the year for 2016. In keeping with that word and turning 31 this past week, I find myself continually challenged to be productive not busy. There is a fine line between productive and busy. Productivity originates from a place of rest. Busyness comes from striving.

Intentionality is key when it comes to remaining productive not busy. In the midst of the still small moments in life, I want there to be freshness, vitality, and growth. To help with this desire, I created a list of 31 Still Small Somethings to cultivate growth in any season of life. I plan to spend the next 12 months being intentional to soak up the still small moments while also stepping out of my comfort zone to grow through this list.

Each still small something is broad enough for anyone to do and fill in the details with his or her own personal interests and inclinations. I’d like to invite you to join me in a Year of Spring where growth, fun, and small adventures become a regular part of our lives. Each week or so I’ll write about a specific one that I did. I would love to hear what you did or plan to do for the one I write about.

There is no pressure to do all in the list or to go in any particular order. Just choose which ones spark joy and run with them. Here’s to a Year of Spring with beauty, newness, and life in the midst of the mundane!

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