A Year of Spring

#1. Make Something Normally Storebought


The reward of a thing done well is having done it.

(Ralph Waldo Emerson)

Choosing what item to make for this Year of Spring endeavor took some narrowing down. Before landing on making yogurt, other ideas included: ketchup, bread with a homemade yeast starter, barbecue sauce, or a 2017 calendar (have you heard of this bullet journal thing?).

Eight years ago when Josh and I were in France, I had the best tasting plain yogurt in my life. Side note: I really dislike the sugary/fruit yogurts sold in stores. Since then, I have tried every brand under the sun trying to find that taste again. In French Women Don’t Get Fat Mireille Guiliano explains her struggle with yogurt in the U.S., and she gives a detailed recipe for making homemade yogurt that tastes most like what she grew up with in France.

After reading this recipe, I briefly thought about making my own yogurt but quickly dismissed it. Then, it took me six years to finally try it out. And it actually worked! I lent out my book to someone and have no idea who has it (anyone reading this have it??) so I did a little research online and decided to try a recipe from LiveSimply.me.

Click on the photos below to read about each step in the process. It wasn’t difficult to make, but it did require patience and some planning because of the time needed to let the yogurt set.


I was legitimately shocked that it turned out. Not only did it turn out, but it tasted so close to what I had in France. I will definitely be making it again, and again, and again.

yogurt 8

Even if it had turned out to be a complete flop, it would have been a success because just doing something outside of my comfort zone and daily routine is incredibly rewarding. Knowing that we can make things we would normally buy in stores is both empowering and incredibly satisfying. What have you been making or thinking of making?

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