A Year of Spring

#2. Financially support something you love


The world of the generous gets larger and larger. 

(Proverbs 11:24)

For years I’ve been an avid listener of NPR. Every season when they fundraise, I tell myself as I’m driving that I’ll donate and by the time my feet cross the threshold I completely forget about my good intentions.

This year is all about putting into action those good intentions. It’s about being intentional not accidental in doing the things I actually value, love, and find life-giving. It’s about prioritizing the things that matter rather than reacting to immediate circumstances.

Besides the news outlets I follow on Twitter, NPR is the main source of news in my life, mostly because we have never had cable or any channels since getting a TV three years ago. We’re that weird, I know.

NPR won my affection years ago because of their depth and breadth in stories. They have such a rich variety in types of things they cover and every polarizing topic includes viewpoints from both sides.

In today’s volatile political climate it’s super tough to make statements like “I love NPR” without creating a huge controversy, but I’m putting my money and my verbal support behind them because this year of spring is all about growth. It’s about growing up and doing all the things that matter.

Generosity and growth are deeply connected. Seeing beyond ourselves is a mark of maturity. When we’re generous with praise, support, love, resource, and anything else we can give it demonstrates deep rooted security and confidence.