A Year of Spring

#3. Produce something that takes a long time and lasts a long time

make this moment count

Someone once shared with me his appreciation of funerals. He talked about how going to the funerals of people who lived well and died well inspired him to make the most of his life and to live nobly and passionately.

Producing something that takes a long time and lasts a long time is incredibly subjective and potentially daunting. It should originate from a place of individual creativity and expression. If I were a painter, I would probably paint a chef-d’oeuvre. If I were a quilter, I would quilt a masterpiece. If I were a carpenter, I would build a tour de force.

While I am none of these things, I do write. This year of spring, I have begun the process of writing a book. It’s incredibly daunting and overwhelming at times, but it’s also something that will burn a hole in my heart if I don’t do before I die. I want to leave something for my kids and for their kids to read – to hear my voice and know my heart beyond my life.

Passing something on to future generations is so powerful and meaningful. It reminds one that what is done in the here and now matters beyond ourselves. Making this moment count suddenly becomes that much more important.

If our great-grandkids can hear us and know us just a tiny bit through something we produced in our lives, that’s success.