Monday Moments

Joy seeks us when we’re intentional


So often we have the best intentions when it comes to making a change in our lives. We have the best intentions to do something good or helpful. Trouble arises because more often than not our intentions and our actions fail to fully line up leaving us feeling defeated. Following through on our good intentions becomes an impossible job due to interruptions, time constraints, saying yes when we should say no, saying no when we should say yes.

Every morning we wake up, we direct our attention to something intentionally or unintentionally. Throughout our day we tend to things needing to be done in that moment often forgetting what we originally intended do to.

Joy is not sought. It seeks us when we’re creative, outgoing, and living unto the ultimate intention.” (Devern Fromke)

I recently read this quote and couldn’t move past it because it was so challenging. What if we woke up every day and said yes to doing just one thing that inspires us creatively, one thing that causes us to look outside ourselves and our daily needs to see others, and one thing that expresses our purpose in life?

Purpose is such an intense word. Maybe it’s better to think about doing the one thing everyday that only we can do and no one else can, one thing that makes us feel at home in ourselves. It’s easy to want to fulfill the best intentions of everyone around us, but making room to have the intention every day to do something creative, outward focused, and only we can do causes joy to seek us.

Joy starts to chase us when we pause for just a moment every day to do something creative and  outside of our everyday obligations. Being intentional about this one thing will change the landscape of our whole day.