Monday Moments

Still Small Moments anniversary


A year ago I began this blog, Still Small Moments. It came from a desire to write as well as to encourage others to embrace their season, see miracles in the mundane, and not despise the small things that make up most of our lives.
When I thought about the things I wanted to write about, it all came down to life’s still small moments.
The still small moments that no one else sees but that over the hours, days, weeks, months, years begin to shape our lives. While we all experience the big momentous thunder and earthquake moments that provoke a sudden and immediate shift, most of our lives are composed of still small moments and what we do with them determines how we live out our lives.
It’s the little decisions we make, the tiny thoughts we have, the small habits that add up over time and ultimately make us who we are.
Maybe it’s a reaction to the overstimulation of social media, the constant buzz of the phone, and barrage of heartbreaking news. In the midst of everyday life as well as tragedy, I want to make room for the still small moments, to embrace the stillness of watching a robin eat a worm, listen to music without doing anything else, read books to my kids, eat delicious food, and watch the sunrise and sunset. More than anything, through writing I want to celebrate the state of being still.
I write to capture the still small moments and to inspire you to look for your own still small moments in the season you’re in.
Be faithful in small things because it is in them that your strength lies. –Mother Teresa