10 on 10 Photography Project

August 10 on 10

August this year is about all the beach days, adventure hikes, and quality time with friends and family.

This spontaneous evening at the beach sparkled: the sunlight, the princess dress, the water, and the sand.
I’m not sure if there is a better way to spend a summer evening than digging toes into wet sand and letting the waves crash into you.
When the field and sky are bigger than life, things come into perspective.
Every adventure hike requires an explorer with vision and imagination.
May you always be the best of friends no matter where life leads and paths diverge.
There must be some correlation to wearing fancy dresses and taking risks that a two year old understands and I need to learn.
Just two minutes after this she found a leftover cheezit on the ground and tried to eat it. Is there such thing as having an eye for scraps of food?
We picked a few wild blackberries, rolled down a hill, and followed the path a flock of goldfinches set for us.
Frederick was captivated with the 1970s Pentax camera Uncle Nat brought and spent just as much time taking photos as hiking and playing.
Living in a tourist town has its benefits when friends and family come to visit – like walking to the edge of the pier and trying to see the other side of a lake that feels as big as an ocean.