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The page between chapters: peace in transition 

First day of school today. There were a few tears shed – from both Frederick and me. This weekend we planted two trees in our yard.

It’s always the transition from one place to another, from season to season, from one stage of life to the next that proves the most difficult. To move a tree from a planter into the ground is necessary. There’s the time and space between when it’s been transplanted and when it’s roots actually start to grow that it’s most vulnerable.

In the in-between, in the space between, and the time between I pray for an embracing and not kicking against transition for all its awkwardness, uncertainty, and the little bit of heartbreak as one chapter closes and another begins.

The story of our lives is full of chapters of change and it’s the blank pages between that teach us patience, trust, and faith that what’s coming will be different, but good.