10 on 10 Photography Project

September 10 on 10

A couple days late is better than never. September’s 10 on 10 are photos from a guest photographer and world traveler, my sister Rose. Currently living in England, she recently visited Paris and Iceland. These photos from Iceland will bless you if you’re feeling some wanderlust or needing to live vicariously through someone else’s adventures.

I went walking around Videy Island, which is the small byproduct of an old volcanic eruption. Now, there are all kinds of beautiful cliffs and inlet beaches.
Throughout Reykjavik, you can see these mountains in the background. Since I’ve been here, clouds have settled on them as the peak pierces the low-lying tufts.
There is a lot of street art in Reykjavik. Including this helpful piece on how to tie a tie.
Hallgrimskirkja is the tallest tower in the city and it’s also a church. The design was inspired by the lava formations of Iceland’s landscape.
I can never quite capture the majestic nature of amazing landscapes, but I try!
This is just overlooking a grocery store, but somehow in the rain/setting sun it looked beautiful.
These purple flowers are everywhere. I like how even though this country is cold most months and is an extreme environment, flora still prospers.
Because Iceland is basically the byproduct of volcanic eruptions, there are a lot of black sand beaches. Not dirt, sand.
I love how much color there is in this city! Roofs are painted, sides of buildings are covered in art, and even the cobble stone is splashed with color.
So much street art.

All photos and captions are from Rose White. Happy Monday!