A Year of Spring

14. Grow something new from seed

image1But the sower

going forth to sow sets foot

into time to come, the seeds falling

on his own place. He has prepared a way

for his life to come to him, if it will.

Like a tree, he has given roots

to the earth, and stands free.

(Wendell Berry)

There are moments in every season where we have the opportunity to sow seeds for the future. It could be seeds of friendship, seeds of finance, seeds of faithfulness, seeds of faith, seeds of grace.

Whatever fruit we desire to see spring up in our lives originates from a seed somewhere. If we desire deep relationships with people, we must sow seeds of connection and love. Some people are natural savers who continually and regularly plant seeds of finance for a prosperous future.

One thing that God set out at the beginning of time was seedtime and harvest. The thing is, there isn’t just one seedtime a year. There are times in every season we can sow. This time of year is preparation for spring. I spent the weekend planting bulbs for a spring harvest. It takes faith to sow something in one season not knowing when or how it will spring up.

There are seeds of faithfulness sown during seasons of working a job or doing something that’s difficult that do more in our hearts and character. Longterm diligence and perseverance produce a beautiful harvest in its due season.

Terry Virgo describes grace using a plant metaphor: “like a modern weedkiller grace can go to the root and destroy it’s power. But you must deliberately obtain grace. You must make a specific choice to refuse bitterness, not once but many times. Bitterness will repeatedly knock at your door and you must always send grace to answer it.”

Whatever we seek to see in our lives originates from a seed, and we always have the choice and right to sow whatever types of seeds we want. We should not be surprised by the fruit and flowers when they bloom because we were aware of the future life we were planting in a previous season.


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