Monday Moments

Learning to have peace and patience in the process


“Even with a greenhouse, you cannot make plants bloom on demand or bend the seasons to suit your schedule. Nature has its own timetable. In a hurry-up world, where everything is scheduled for maximum efficiency, surrendering to the rhythms of nature can be therapeutic.” (Carl Honoré)

This time of year and in difficult seasons of life, the tendency to rush “to get through it” can become overwhelming. Lately, God has been reminding me about having peace in the process and what that looks like. For me it means letting go of my timeline for breakthrough and releasing control of hoped for outcomes. It means saying yes to the rhythms and timings of God and no to when and how and what I think is best.

If we’re all like a tree planted by streams of water that yield its fruit in season (Psalm 1), then regardless of the season and what external appearances show our roots and the essence of who we are remains constant. We may produce different fruit depending on the season, but our identity remains. A tree doesn’t change its species based on the season or weather. It remains the same but looks different throughout the year.

Regardless of the season we’re in when our roots remain in Christ’s love, everything else works itself out in the perfect time. I pray we’re all able to have patience in the process and see the beauty of every season whether it’s raw, bare winter, bright, budding spring, lush, full summer, or diverse, crisp autumn.