Thrifty and Practical

A minimalist guide to baby gear

Diving into the baby world is intimidating and overwhelming. Everyone has opinions about all the things and different experiences with their baby needs. Your values and personality will frame the way you prepare and get set up for having a baby. Simplicity, quality over quantity, and items that have longevity and multi-use are all important to preparing in a minimalist way. Here is a small breakdown of must-haves, almost essentials, and nice-to-haves.


Must haves:

stroller: the Babyjogger frame can become a double stroller and works with a car seat 

-car seat 

-place for baby to sleep: some type of crib plus bedding as well as something more portable when they are tiny like a Moses basket or bassinet or pack n play 

-some type of carrier: Solly, Ergo, Boba, Ktan

-change pad and change pad cover

-diapers and wipes 

-something to clear out their nose like a Nose Frieda

-burp clothes



Almost essentials:

bottles: glass ones last longer and don’t stink like plastic ones — life factory bottles become sippy cups if you buy the sippy cup top when they’re at the age to transition from bottle to sippy


-blankets: lightweight muslin are the best

-plain white onsies 


-baby monitor


Nicetohaves (borrow if possible):



-playmate with hanging toys 



A few other thoughts:

Because I’m super basic, we never bought a diaper pail (just used a regular trash can). I don’t use a diaper bag — just a nice big purse with a diaper clutch that holds diapers and wipes. 

Having a dresser that works to put a change pad on is super wonderful because it’s longer lasting and more functional than changing tables. 

If I were registering again, I would just register on Amazon. It’s simpler and more direct than Target and Buy Buy Baby. Doing gender neutral colors for all the essentials and almost essentials helps big time if you plan on having more kids! You will get clothes and toys without asking for them so there’s no need to register for them.

If you plan on trying to breastfeed, there’s a whole other list of mama essentials but I never assume that’s the plan because it’s such a personal choice/decision. 


Breastfeeding essentials:

-These gel pads are amazing to use the first week of breastfeeding

-Healing cream for weeks 2-4 of breastfeeding

Breast pads: I used disposable for the first month because it’s easier and you need easy for the first month

-A breast pump

-nursing tanks are super helpful

-2-3 nursing bras are a must have


-A box of kleenex: because there will probably be tears of exhaustion as you get used to the rhythm

-A good friend you can call on and be totally vulnerable with during this brand new season